Top Reasons to Consider Selling Your Junk Car This Holiday Season

Top Reasons to Consider Selling Your Junk Car This Holiday Season Some people are quite apprehensive about selling their junk car. Some feel this way due to plain old fashioned sentiment. Other people feel this way because they do not know enough about the process of selling an old vehicle. If you are considering sellingContinue reading “Top Reasons to Consider Selling Your Junk Car This Holiday Season”

5 Driving Habits that are Secretly Damaging your Car

Cars can become junkers in any number of ways. They can be damaged in an accident, destroyed by natural disasters such hurricanes, etc. However, some cars become junkers due to the bad driving habits of the driver. This, plus not having your car maintained on a regular basis, can send a car on the way to the scrap yard.

5 Main Reasons a Car Might Have a Salvage Title

The word ‘salvage,’ – as it relates to cars – puts many people off. It conjures up negative images in the minds of sellers of junk cars and potential buyers as many think it implies a car that is totally wrecked. There are actually many reasons that a vehicle may have a salvage title and not be a total junker.

5 Upgrades to Make Your Classic Car Safer

Everyone loves classic vehicles. They are a cool time machine that has stories and character that new cars simply don’t. However for all the charm they possess, classic vehicles simply aren’t as safe as modern models.

5 Car Salvage Scams to Watch Out For

Most people don’t have a great deal of experience with quality salvage companies. Unfortunately, this means that it is sometimes quite easy for the less reputable companies to take advantage of this lack of experience. I


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