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Other Types of Cars We Take

Often when people hear “junk car” the image of a rusted, tarnished vehicle comes to mind. While this does fit the bill, there are lots of other cars that fit under this category. Here are several other types of cars that cash for junk car removal services will take away. 

Water damaged vehicles- While it may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, any vehicle that has experienced water damage can be taken away. With hurricanes striking all of the USA, there are cars that have been hit by these dangerous waters and are still intact. Cars that have been completely flooded would be thousands of dollars to repair to get back to any semblance of their prior condition. Selling the vehicle to someone else would require not only monetary backing but also need to fit within law and regulation parameters. 

Totaled Cars- Just because a car is totaled does not automatically make it a junk car by definition. A totaled car is just a car that has received so much damage that to repair it would be more than the current car value. This is again another expensive option and unlikely to be worth the time and money. Instead of spending time and money, get money back by selling this car to a reputable junk car removal company. 

Inoperable vehicles- Whether it is missing a part or just too expensive to repair, a car that doesn’t work is taking up space on your property. As cars sit, they can run out of battery and the tire pressure will go down. If the car is outside and it rains, rust could develop on or around any of the parts. To get your car back to working condition could require a tow to a garage which can be an expensive cost. Additionally, any car that doesn’t have the necessary paperwork should also not be driven. The opportunity for fines and fees doesn’t justify taking it out for a spin. 

We don’t just pick up rusted old cars. Talk to us about the car in question and we would be happy to see if we can take it. We offer junk car pick up in Atlanta making it easier to get your cash and not worry about the tow. 

Published by Junk Car Removal

We pay top dollars for your junk cars in Atlanta. Provide us your car make, model, year and a brief description about your car issue, so then we give you a free quote over the phone. We also offer free tow services to move your junk car and will pay at your location before towing. For more info, visit

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