How Tires are recycled

Most junk cars come with at least one of their 4 tires attached. Tires, auto glass, and car batteries are among the most recycled parts of a car. In this post, we will be talking about how tires are recycled and how they are then used in future manufacturing. 

Tires that don’t get recycled can occupy valuable space in landfills or backyards. Selling your junk car for cash not only clears up this space but allows us to recycle your tires. There are classic applications of recycling tires that have been around for ages. Tie a sturdy rope around the middle and attach it to a swing set and you have a tire swing. Some people even clean tires and then stack them together, put a glass plate on top, and use them as end tables. These home recycling methods are just as important as what engineers do because it stops the tire from just sitting around.

 The crevices and tread gaps can become mosquito breeding grounds. If the tire gets sent to a landfill, it occupies a lot of space. They also capture gases such as methane. This can be ineffective and ruin hard work because the tire doesn’t stay buried underneath the layers of trash. Instead, the methane propels the tire to the surface and can be strong enough to push through landfill liners that are used to keep the garbage down. Civil engineers have come up with creative ways to use tires through the understanding of their material.

Although tires are constructed to be durable and strong which they are, certain techniques have been employed to help break down the rubber ring that allows it to be recycled. Tires are constructed to absorb shock, making them a great material for tracks at schools and even for playgrounds, replacing sand and wood chips. When shredded, they have a variety of construction uses like below railway lines reducing vibration and even as a springy sidewalk material. 

Data from 2019 shows that of all the tires discarded in the USA, over 80% of them are recycled. That comes out to 233 million tires a year being reused in some way. We buy junk cars in Atlanta and you can be assured that your tires will be recycled too. 

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